How To Join

Ready to join us? Let’s do the registration 2-step! Read up on our Annual Membership & Fee Options below and decide which best suits your schedule. Once you have decided which option that is best for you, follow our Registration Instructions and you will be swimming in no time! Click here for Registration.

Annual Membership & Fee Options

Red Tide has an annual membership fee of $70, regardless of the payment plan you select. This fee is charged once a year and will be added to your first payment upon registration.

Option #1: Monthly Unlimited
This fee option is by far the most cost effective for swimmers who plan on swimming two or more times per week on a regular basis. The cost is $150 per month (around $13 per session if you swim three times a week).

This monthly automatic recurring charge will be posted to your account at the beginning of each month.


Option #2: Swim Pass
This ten-swim punch card option is priced at a higher rate per swim than the monthly unlimited, but is cheaper than drop-in. The card costs $190 for 10 swims and is valid for three months from the date of purchase ($19 a practice).

Please Note: SwimPass is not a recurring charge. You can purchase a new card via your Red Tide member account.


Option #3
In Town Drop-In: Per swim fee paid at each workout attended. The fee is $25, which must be presented in cash (exact change appreciated!!) along with a current USMS card and/or current Red Tide Member card. Out of Town Drop-In: $10 per swim together with proof of current USMS membership.

Please Note: In Town Drop-In members still need to register with Red Tide and pay the annual fee online.


Option #4
Student Discount: We offer a 25% student discount to all swimmers who are enrolled full-time in school. Upon registration we request proof of full time enrollment. This applies to swim pass and monthly options.

Registration Instructions

Take the Plunge and Register with Red Tide NYC

1 Become a USMS Member

If you are already a current USMS member, skip to Step 2.

Membership with USMS is mandatory and must be renewed yearly. You will need to present your current USMS card and number in order to receive a Red Tide membership card.

Join USMS by Clicking Here! Simply fill out the on-line registration form and make your payment via secure web interface. Don’t forget to bring a print out of the USMS card to practice.

Please note: it is VERY important that you use the proper USMS club code when filling out the USMS application. The club code for Red Tide is REDT.

2 Register with Red Tide

Click here for Registration.

All Red Tide team registration and payments are handled online via secure web interface. Fees are payable via credit card, we accept VISA or MASTERCARD.

Please note: Coaches only accept cash on the pool-deck for drop-ins

When registering, be sure to have your current USMS membership number handy - you’ll need it to register. We cannot accept members with lapsed USMS memberships.

Once registered, bring your receipt and copy of your current USMS card and present them to the on-deck coach. He/she will issue your Red Tide Member card. Please bring your Red Tide Member card to every practice.

Please note: SwimPass Members, after you receive your Red Tide member card, you need only bring your swim pass receipt for subsequent punch cards.

Cancellations and Fee Option Changes

The annual Red Tide membership fee and SwimPass cards are non-refundable. In order to cancel your monthly subscription, you need to send an email to the registrar at with “Cancel Membership” in the subject line. All requests must be received prior to the end of the month to come into effect for the following billing cycle. Automate billing is charged on the first or second day of each month. Once a charge has been processed, no refunds can be given.

You may also change your membership fee option by emailing and requesting the change.