Red Tide is proud to be affiliated with a dynamic group of swim coaches who bring loads of swimming experience and expertise on to the deck each and every practice session. Our coaches come from a wide variety of backgrounds and professions and they all share a love for the sport and for teaching swimmers of all levels the finer points of swimming smart and swimming for fun. Each coach brings a unique perspective to his or her practice session(s) so make sure to check every one out!

Robert Frawley / Head Coach

Rob began swimming in the suburbs of New York when he was 11 and quickly realized that freestyle was far superior to the other three strokes. A New York State High School Champion, Rob swam at Columbia University. After graduation, Rob continued swimming while completing his doctorate in Biology.

Rob has been coaching Red Tide since the summer of 2016, and enjoys giving sets he would like to swim: a variety of middle distance, technique and speed work. Outside of the pool, Rob enjoys bar trivia nights and teaching science. Rob coaches Sunday mornings at Baruch.

Megan Happ / Coach

Megan began competitive swimming at age 7 within the YMCA community in Pennsylvania. She finished her high school career at the Upper Main Line YMCA and went on to swim for four years at Boston University, swimming countless laps in the distance lane and captaining her senior year. After graduating from BU in 2013, Megan quickly realized her life was not complete without a pool. And so began her time in the world of Masters swimming.

Megan prides herself in having no fast-twitch muscles. Outside of the pool, she has an affinity for all things Disney and is loving life in Manhattan. You can catch Megan each week at the Chinatown Thursday morning practice.

Jeremy Fain / Substitute Coach

Jeremy Fain began competitive swimming at the age of 6 during the summers for Daleview Swimming Pool in Silver Spring, MD. At 12 he began year round USS competition with Rockville Montgomery Swim Club (RMSC). At 15 he made his first Junior Nationals qualifying times in the 50 and 100 free.

He has always been, and always will be, a sprinter. Jeremy swam all four years in college at Yale University and started as a Red Tide swimmer in the fall of 2003. He began coaching for the team in 2004 and looks forward to another great season for Red Tide. Jeremy does not like doing open water swims but encourages and appreciates all others that do them.

Sebastian Moll / Substitute Coach

Sebastian Moll entered his first swimming competition in 1970 at age fiveandahalf. The fact that he came in second in that meet may have something to do with the fact that he is still trying to win races almost 50 years later. He went on to compete in the German Olympic trials in 1980 and 1984 and won a National Championship with his club relay in 1984. He is proud to have swum in West Germany in the era of the great Michael Gross.

Sebastian first joined Red Tide in 1990 as a graduate student at NYU. He rejoined the team in 2014 after a 15 year hiatus from the sport, having rediscovered his love of the water while swimming to rehab a shoulder injury. Having competed in triathlons for nearly ten years, he has an appreciation of multisports. When not swimming or cycling, Sebastian is a US-correspondent for German news outlets. Sebastian is excited share his experience and passion for swimming with his teammates not just in the pool and various natural bodies of water but also from the pool deck.

Emily Doerner / Substitute Coach

Emily first fell in love with the water at the age of 3 when she determinedly followed her older sister into the deep end. She competed throughout high school and all 4 years at NYU, where she captained her junior and senior years. She was a 9-time NCAA All-American, and still holds NYU and UAA conference records. Her least favorite stroke is freestyle, and she prefers races that last less than a minute. She joined Red Tide soon after graduating in 2015 to continue her love affair with the water.

Emily has also worked hands on in the pool teaching young children how to swim, and therefore has a strong understanding of all aspects of stroke mechanics. Outside the pool, Emily works as an art therapist at a hospital and is currently pursuing her second Master's degree. She also enjoys scuba diving, traveling, and cat snuggling.