Margaret Tato

Margaret Tato / President

I joined Red Tide in 2013 after my younger sister convinced me to end my post-college hiatus from the water. I grew up swimming summer league in New Jersey, and for the Summit YMCA. I competed for 4 years at Amherst College, swimming some combination of butterfly, breaststroke and IM events.

Outside of the pool, I works for American Express in their commercial payments division – really putting my college History major to use! I also enjoy running, and have completed 4 marathons over the past few years. Triathlons are a no-go though!

I am a regular at the John Jay and Baruch morning workouts - you can find me getting excited for any IM or pull sets!

Camille Hausheer / Vice President

When I moved to New York City in 2009, the first thing I did was seek out a swim team, and I am grateful for having stumbled upon Coach Tyrone at John Jay, who welcomed me to the practice and to the team right away. I have not looked back since! Red Tide has been a pillar for me in my near decade of growing up in this big city. Professionally, I work in cancer research as a clinical coordinator at Columbia University Medical Center and am finishing up my Masters of Healthcare Administration this fall.

Camille Hausheer
Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones / Treasurer

I grew up in North Carolina and started swimming for the Winston-Salem YMCA team when I was five. I quickly developed a love for the water and swimming has been an important part of my life ever since. I continued my swimming career at Tufts University where I swam distance free and IM.

I joined Red Tide in 2011 and I have been thoroughly impressed with the organization.  I’ve always enjoyed the competitive side of the sport and continue to challenge myself by competing in swim races as well as triathlons. However, more importantly I value the friendships and camaraderie that Red Tide and the sport of swimming fosters.

Deborah Fung / Secretary

I grew up as a New York City kid who took some swim lessons in junior high school PE, and at the YMCA. I barely swam and was scared of deep water, but I always wanted to be a swimmer. Much later in life, I signed up for adult swim lessons to “swim better” and the instructor told me to practice swimming laps and join a master’s team instead. Ever since then, I swam with masters teams as I relocated to various cities. Red Tide is the best!

I began swimming with Red Tide in 2008. A year later I left for school in Vancouver, but Red Tide welcomed me whenever I was back for break. I returned in 2012. The team has given me so much opportunity for growth, I swam my first race and my first open water events with Red Tide. I am so grateful for the top notch coaching, the camaraderie, the pools, and the inspiring swimmers. On dry land, I work as a child and family psychotherapist/art therapist and a mental health consultant with a specialty in early childhood and trauma informed care. I also keep up a studio practice in painting.

Deborah Fung
Barbara Charles

Barbara Charles / Pool Liason

I wish I could say I swam competitively since childhood but in fact I joined Red Tide in 2001 or 2002 as a fitness lap swimmer. I had much to learn. Since I am the oldest member of the team, I had to relearn 3 of the 4 strokes.

They were all done differently "before the flood". The 4th stroke,Butterfly, was something I wanted to learn before I died but I figured I would die first. In the last 9 or 10 years I actually learned to fly.

I love Red Tide and am proud to be a board member. I feel very maternal toward the team. We all work hard in the water but have a lot of fun at the same time. I'm thrilled to keep the team buzzing and am happiest in the water.

Erin Chipalowsky / Board Member

I grew up on Cape Cod and learned to swim at the beach when I was about two years old. After failing miserably at a few other activities, my parents finally let me join a USA swim team when I was 8. I was almost immediately classified as a distance swimmer due to my slow, yet generally consistent speed and blatant refusal to kick. I raced in my first 1650 at age 9 against a field of swimmers far older than me. I came in dead last, lapped so many times that people clapped when I finished. Horrible. I continued on my distance track straight through college. It wasn’t until I joined Red Tide many years later, that I learned that the 1650 is actually a sprint and open water marathon swimming the where the real distance swimming die hards are. I love the ocean and I love to swim, so it’s a natural fit, really. Any excuse to go to the beach works for me! I am truly thankful to Red Tide for the work outs, the social activities and the friendships I have gained. Joining this team is the best decision I have made since moving to NYC.

When I am not swimming, I work as an audiologist at a big ENT practice. It’s tough, but can be rewarding at times. In my free time, I love to travel and I am always ready to start planning my next adventure.

Erin Chipalowsky

Jonathan Wells / Board Member

I grew up in Rhode Island and spent five summers at camp in Maine. There I could have attempted a swim to and from an island in the middle of the camp’s lake. I never did it. Forty years , forty triathlons and 30 open water swims later, I not only completed the island swim but brought back the fifty year old tradition that was dormant for nearly a decade (I even designed a patch to commemorate the swim).

I have been a member of Red Tide since 2013 and can usually be found at the Baruch and Chinatown workouts. Besides the great coaching, I really enjoy the camaraderie the team has to offer. I recently joined Red Tide for two open water swims and what I am sure comes as no surprise, a good time was had by all. When not in the pool, I manage an international photo agency.

Jonathan Wells
Zahava Lipton

Zahava Lipton / Board Member

I grew up in central New Jersey and started swimming for my summer swim team when I was 10, after not making the team when I tried out a year earlier. I felt behind and slow compared to my teammates who had been swimming for several years already, until I turned 12 and started beating them at butterfly. I've been a butterflyer ever since. I swam for my college team at Brandeis University and coached my summer team while I was in college.

I joined Red Tide in 2009, just a year after graduating college. From the start, I've been impressed both with the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the team and the quality of the workouts. Over the past few years, I've even completed a few marathon swims, thanks to encouragement from my Red Tide coaches and teammates. I'm thankful that Red Tide has guided me to take on these challenges that I never thought about 10 years ago when I swam in college.

Outside of the pool, I work as a quantitative consultant for a pharmaceutical consulting firm. I love swimming in the mornings, although I mix it and come to some evening workouts as well.