David Uprichard

David Uprichard / President

I was born in Dublin, but grew up in Zambia and Scotland where I swam semi-competitively for most of my school years. After a long layoff, and as an injured triathlete and squash player, I decided to try the water again. I have not looked back since. I’ve been a member of Red Tide since 2009, and a board member since 2011. More at home in the open water than the pool, I can typically be spotted at various open water events (both local and further afield) during the Summer.

I’m proud to swim for Red Tide and happy to give back to a sport which has given me so much. Away from the water, I’m busy as a dad to two teenagers, and work in the logistics industry.

Hayley Friedman / Vice President & Coaching Co-ordinator

My swim career started at age 5 on my local summer team, and I was actually a pretty fast kid (I have a shoebox full of ribbons from summer swim meets – many blue, red and white – to prove it!) Becoming a teenager slowed me down for some reason, though I had stamina that many high schoolers did not, and so I became a bit of a 500-freestyle legend on my high school team. It was probably all those Friday nights of swimming that drove me to leave the sport behind for a while (12 years).

Eventually I found triathlon and so I joined Red Tide in 2010 to stay in shape for the swim portion. I started out just swimming at Chinatown on Thursday mornings, but over the years I came to favor swimming over running and cycling. Now you can find me in the pool nearly every day, as long as you’re willing to be up and moving by 6:30am. I love being part of the Red Tide community – I have met so many amazing people that I love spending time with both in and out of the pool.

When I’m not swimming, I work in human resources in a global role that sometimes send me traveling, mostly to London (where I recently lived for 1.5 years and got to experience their amazing outdoor long-course meters pools scattered throughout the city!)

Hayley Friedman
Kyle Jones

Kyle Jones / Treasurer

I grew up in North Carolina and started swimming for the Winston-Salem YMCA team when I was five. I quickly developed a love for the water and swimming has been an important part of my life ever since. I continued my swimming career at Tufts University where I swam distance free and IM.

I joined Red Tide in 2011 and I have been thoroughly impressed with the organization.  I’ve always enjoyed the competitive side of the sport and continue to challenge myself by competing in swim races as well as triathlons. However, more importantly I value the friendships and camaraderie that Red Tide and the sport of swimming fosters.

Barbara Charles / Pool Liason

I wish I could say I swam competitively since childhood but in fact I joined Red Tide in 2001 or 2002 as a fitness lap swimmer. I had much to learn. Since I am the oldest member of the team, I had to relearn 3 of the 4 strokes.

They were all done differently "before the flood". The 4th stroke,Butterfly, was something I wanted to learn before I died but I figured I would die first. In the last 9 or 10 years I actually learned to fly.

I love Red Tide and am proud to be a board member. I feel very maternal toward the team. We all work hard in the water but have a lot of fun at the same time. I'm thrilled to keep the team buzzing and am happiest in the water.

Barbara Charles
Kristin Gary

Kristin Gary / Team training trip, meet travel co-ordinator

I was born in NYC but grew up in CT where I started swimming at the tender age of 6 for my local country club team. In high school, I swam for the Westport Y Water Rats and Wilton Y Wahoos. Happily, I went on to college and swam for Duke University. I took an 11 year break from swimming before realizing that I needed to get back into the water. Step aerobics and Jane Fonda workouts were not my definition of exercise. I have been a member of Red Tide since 2000, a board member since 2004 and President of the Board since from 2005 to 2013. I'm proud to swim for Red Tide but most of all, I love the community that it fosters both in and out of the pool.

I still enjoy the competitive side of swimming and love to travel to the National and International meets. You can usually find me bleary eyed at John Jay in the morning as I continue my love/hate affair with am workouts. During non-swim times, I moonlight as a dealer in Old Master and 19th Century paintings, drawings and sculpture.

Jonathan Wells / Board Member

I grew up in Rhode Island and spent five summers at camp in Maine. There I could have attempted a swim to and from an island in the middle of the camp’s lake. I never did it. Forty years , forty triathlons and 30 open water swims later, I not only completed the island swim but brought back the fifty year old tradition that was dormant for nearly a decade (I even designed a patch to commemorate the swim).

I have been a member of Red Tide since 2013 and can usually be found at the Baruch and Chinatown workouts. Besides the great coaching, I really enjoy the camaraderie the team has to offer. I recently joined Red Tide for two open water swims and what I am sure comes as no surprise, a good time was had by all. When not in the pool, I manage an international photo agency.

Jonathan Wells
Kacey Koeppel

Kacey Koeppel / Social Events, Marketing, Inquiries

Kacey Koeppel has been a member of Red Tide since 2011. She started swimming in Upstate NY, at age 10 for the Town of Colonie summer league.  In high school she swam for the Albany Starfish, where she retired after her coach refused to accept that she wasn’t a breast stroker.  After a 15-year hiatus she came out of retirement to swim for Red Tide, where she’s still not a breast stroker.

When Kacey isn’t swimming, she manages marketing and events for The New York Stem Cell Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to curing the major diseases of our time through stem cell research.  She practices yoga regularly and takes the occasional hip-hop dance class.

Kacey loves being a part of Red Tide and values the friendships of her teammates outside of the pool as much as she values the coaching and mentorship in the pool.

Danielle Honrath / Marketing Support, Special Projects

Danielle joined Red Tide in 2012 after moving from her home state of CT to NYC.  She started swimming at the age of 10 with her three siblings for the local rec team.  A few years later, she joined SoNoCo Swim Club out of New Haven, CT prior to swimming for Villanova University.  After a very short break from swimming post college, Danielle realized that she strongly disliked sweating and other forms of exercise just weren’t cutting it.  So she got back in the pool and spent 5 years with the Wilton YMCA Masters team, who showed her how fun and rewarding masters swimming can be.

As a proud member of Red Tide, Danielle is excited to serve as a board member.  You can find Danielle in lane 5 during morning workouts at John Jay and in the Long Island Sound from June through October. She loves swimcations, Red Tide happy hours and open water races.  When away from the water, Danielle works in advertising and loves to travel.

Danielle Honrath